Minutes from Meeting 26th March, 2018 at Surfers Paradise Tennis Club, at 1pm

Housekeeping reminder:  All matches start at 9.00am – this means teams should be out on court beginning their warm up.  Please allow time before start of matches to organise your players and score-sheet for the day  – this means arriving at your playing venue 10-15 minutes PRIOR  to start of matches.

  • It was decided that our end of season presentation function will be a BBQ after matches on 18th June, 2018 – only 4 sets will be played on this day and the scores will count towards the final result.
  • Rita and Teresa have kindly volunteered their time and effort to organise this event in conjunction with a fundraiser for a nominated charity.  More exact details will be published as we draw closer to the date.  Anyone that is able to also help in any way – please see Teresa or Rita for further information.
  • The final round on the 25th June will likely become a round robin event – details will be published closer to the date.
  • Objections were expressed by some ladies regarding our current Men’s team in the 2/3 draw of our comp.  I will speak with the teams on individual basis to assess this objection to determine an outcome for Season 2.
  • With the Commonwealth Games being held on the GC 4-15 April, 2018 – the round on the 16th April was under contention.  A vote was taken and the majority indicated that they will be able to get to our venues to play the matches on this day.  The round on the 16th April remains in the draw and the scores will count towards the final standings.
  • The contact lists for all Divisions has been updated and an email copy has been sent to Team Captains.  The lists in the folders have also been replaced by the updated copy.  The new list is on line under Contacts with the GCLMT website.
  • Announcement of the inclusion of Mudgeeraba Tennis Club as a 3rd playing venue for Season 2 2018 – all matches will be on grass moving forward unless we need extra courts.  A proposal was raised for the espression of interest of any teams that might like to play all their matches from Mudgeeraba if it is easier to get to (mudgee Home team/s) – this means more matches for all other teams will be played at SPTC.  If your team might be interested, come and speak to me so that I can make it work for Season 2.

If I have forgotten anything – my apologies – I am taking expressions of interest for a secretary.   Have a happy and safe Easter holiday break – enjoy your tennis!!

xxx Natasha xxx



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