C7A23515-6D42-4C1D-91C8-E2EFD2EE4465Woori Yallock012Our competition follows the rules of Tennis Australia. Rules are for order in competitions and are to be adhered to. This is competition tennis, not social.

Also, Quick deuces may be used in inclement weather (such as wet, hot weather). Deuce 1 next point wins end of game to enable teams to complete sets for a result (at least 4 sets). Captains decide before start of game.

When there are only 3 players, which includes a floater, the floater is only liable for the normal fee of $8. It is up to the rest of the team members to pay $10.70 and the additional $2.70 for the floater.

For Tennis Australia Etiquette see below


Win = 2 points + games e.g. 35 games 2 + 3.5 = 5.5.

Loss = 0 points + games e.g. 22 games 0 + 2.2 = 2.2.

Draw = 1 point + games e.g. 24 games 1 + 2.4 = 3.4.

Forfeit = 2 points to opposition e.g. 36 games 2 + 3.6 = 5.6.

Bye = 1 point, no games.

ORDER OF PLAY 1 + 2,    3 + 4,    2 + 3,    1 + 4,    1 + 3,    2 + 4.


1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

2. Best Efforts

3. Physical Abuse

4. Leaving the Court to answer phones (which should be turned off)

5. Commencement of play

6. Rest period

7. Dress & equipment (shorts, skirts, shirts and undergarments)

8. Unreasonable delays

9. Coaching

10. Verbal Abuse

11. Audible obscenity

12. Visable obscenity

13. Abuse of equipment and balls

Never call a ball “Out” unless it hits a permanent fixture

RULE 7 It is a foot fault if you stand or move your foot onto the baseline before hitting the ball while serving or move either foot into the court to touch the ground before hitting the ball while serving.  To stand with a foot on or beyond the imaginary extension of the center mark or beyond the outside edge of the sideline.

RULE 12 The server shall not serve until the receiver is ready.  If the receiver attempts to return the ball she shall be deemed ready.  If the receiver signifies she is not ready, she may not claim a fault because the ball does not land within the service square.

RULE 17 A ball is in play from the moment it is served, unless a fault or a let is called instantly it remains in play until the point is decided.

RULE 20 Player loses point.  She or her racquet or anything she wears or carries touches the net, posts or at any time while the ball is in play OR volleys the ball before it has passed the net OR the ball in play touches her or anything that she wears, carries, except the racquet in her hand.

RULE 24 A good return. During a rally the server makes a cross court return which carries the ball well outside the sidelines. The receiver’s return, though it falls into the court & does not cross the net, but is returned outside the post it is deemed to be good.

RULE 25 Hindrance of a player during a rally.  A ball comes onto the court & interferes with play shall be called straight away & the ball removed.  To prevent disagreements on scores the server must call the score loudly at completion of each point.  When there has been interference i.e. ball spectator coming onto the court the entire point should be replayed as rule provides.  If first service is a fault and interference takes place during rally following second service two services must be allowed.

  1. Start time 9am, teams unable to field 2 players by 9.10am forfeit 1st set.  Players for second set must be available for 9.40am if not then set is FORFEITED.
  2. Players may play up but not down.
  3. Teams consist of 4 players plus reserves.  All teams may use reserve players from other teams or bye players from other divisions if short.  However if a team can only field 3 players all games won are counted.
  4. In the event a team can only field 3 players that team must still pay $32.  If a team forfeits, the $32 must be paid to the tennis centre for the court before the next game.  Teams must ring the opposing captains and court the night before.
  5. Fees are $8 per player per game.  2 new balls and tea and coffee is provided.
  6. If a player is injured after play commences, substitute players not allowed.   The sets the injured player is in are forfeited, reports of injury to be written on score sheet.  A 10 minute injury time is allowed.
  7. Hit up is permitted before 1st two sets only.  Winner of toss has choice of taking ends or serving.  Change of ends is on odd games.  All games must be completed.
  8. Wet days players are requested to ring the tennis centre, late starting time is 9.45am. No replay of wet games.
  9. Home teams are responsible for collecting fees, scorebooks and cups and return them to the tennis centre.
  10. Finals will be first past the post.  Stacking of teams is not allowed.
  11. All players must be members of QTA for insurance.  Any team playing any unregistered or uninsured players lose points, one game is allowed.
  12. Short deuces will be played each match, deuce 1 advantage, deuce 2 advantage, deuce 3. Next point end of game.
  13. Rain or intermittent showers, to obtain results 4 sets must be completed.  No results, no points.  Ruling is made on Emerald Lakes Majority Courts.
  14. WASHOUT.  All teams must arrive at their designated courts and stay until 9.45am.   If courts are playable then play must commence.  If it rains at any stage during the morning a decision will be made by Kaye.  The team who originally had a bye receives 1 point because the bye had already been awarded in the draw.  Captains to call Emerald Lakes after 8.15am.  Captains are responsible for team contact.  DO NOT call Kaye with this rule.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Commitment to team members and opposition is a key part of our game.  Enjoy the season, move your feet and racket, watch the ball and play good tennis.

Thank you, Kaye Brinley. H. Ph. 5527 2794,  Mob. 0424414182.